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Introducing MAHI A tradeable unit that accelerates action for nature

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Get on the record Choose how you want to fund action

Invest in MAHI for future
TOHA network tokens
& target your impact
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Invest early in MAHI

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Time Value of Action multiplier (TVA)

TVA multiplier
Indicative TVA. To be confirmed in upcoming white paper.


Target your funding & impact

By type of action +3%
By outcome +5%
By land use type +3%
By location +3%
Within my supply chain +12%

Why do I want a high TVA?

You can swap your MAHI for TOHA network tokens, when it launches, at this TVA multiplier.

1,000 MAHI
Price: $26,000 NZD
TVA multiplier: x
Back to Mahi Swap to Toha
Value: $
Launch date: TBC
  • Get more voting rights in the network
  • Use it to buy access to verifiable outcome data like carbon or biodiversity credits
  • Or trade your TOHA on the secondary market

Get early access Secure your spot on the MAHI presale list

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Member on the list
Member on the list
1,889 already on the list

Prove a new model is possible Buy MAHI to help kickstart these pilots

Te Kautuku Projects
Te Kautuku Pilot
Prove that enhancing biodiversity can unlock new revenue for whenua Māori
Target $4.03M
Launching Soon
Led by Rangi & Esther Raroa
Explore the projects being piloted at Te Kautuku
Kōtare Station Projects
Kōtare Station Pilot
Kickstart payments for services to nature on sheep & beef farms
Target $2.94M
Launching Soon
Led by Henry & Sophie Gaddum
Explore the projects being piloted at Kōtare Station

How does it work? New market infrastructure to fund action for nature

Take action
Report data
Access finance or MAHI payments
Buy access to outcomes data
Invest at scale

Network contributors undertake work for nature like restoring wetlands, managing pests or collecting native seed based on pledge templates developed by experts.

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Network contributors report verifiable data to the network about their actions and outcomes for nature and build their pledge asset.

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To help cover the costs of the work, Network contributors can unlock impact-linked pledge finance or MAHI payments.

Access finance

Buyers like governments, supply chains, businesses, consumers, banks and insurers can purchase proof of outcomes, known as claims, with TOHA network tokens. These are supported by verifiable data and science-backed templates.

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Financial markets can invest in action at scale via MAHI, impact finance or speculation on risk in performance of future claims.

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See why investing early matters Calculate your future MAHI to TOHA swap

Fund action to
regenerate the whenua

Join the MAHI revolution Why should I buy MAHI?

Prove a new model is possible

Help show environmental regeneration is investible and that action can be accelerated by providing new incentives. Demonstrate we can capture trusted, verifiable data about what is happening on the land at scale.

Secure TOHA network tokens

In the future you’ll be able to swap your MAHI for TOHA network tokens. Use these buy claims and outcome data like carbon or biodiversity data credits or trade them on secondary market. The earlier you buy MAHI, the more TOHA you'll recieve.

Fund action at scale

Directly fund those doing work for nature. Flip the script on on traditional funding models for environmental projects. Invest in, fund or donate to action.

Become a network contributor Join the team taking action for nature

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Member on the list
Member on the list
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Need help Frequently Asked Questions

Why does investing early in MAHI make it more valuable?

Based on the date you invest in MAHI you receive a Time Value of Action multiplier (TVA). The earlier you fund action, the higher the TVA multiplier.

In the future, when TOHA network tokens launch, you will be able to swap your MAHI for TOHA at this TVA multiplier. You can use this TOHA to pay for claims e.g. proof of carbon sequestration or biodiversity improvement and get access to the verifiable data that back this up. Alternatively, you can trade your TOHA on the secondary market to others who want to buy proof of outcomes or data access. Holding TOHA will also give you voting rights in the Network.

Buying MAHI is the only way to secure access to TOHA without bidding on the secondary market.

To learn more, have play with the MAHI-to-TOHA calculator.

Can I access MAHI to fund action on my land block?

Currently MAHI is only available to pilot projects that are being used to test the system.

As more MAHI is purchased, the pilots will be expanded to include more farms and land blocks.

Register you interest here in taking action on your land block and joining the pilot.

When will these pledge and claim templates be available for other land blocks to start using?

Pending MAHI funding these will start being developed and tested at the pilot sites in early 2024 and will start being made available to other land blocks in 2025.

Register you interest here in taking action on your land block and joining the pilot.

Who owns the data I report in the Network?

You own the data you report to the Network.

Data sovereignty is a critical design principle in the Toha Network. The system allows you to monetise your data – if, and when, you choose to.

Toha Network Trust protects your interests as a data owner by holding your data in trust.

Who will buy access to claims and outcome data in the Network?

Trusted data about what is happening in our environment is increasingly in demand.

Buyers of claims could include:

  • Businesses who need to report on their Scope 3 emissions, biodiversity or water quality impacts within their supply chains
  • Local and central government to measure national progress towards environmental targets like NDC1 or our biodiversity strategy and offer new incentives for achieving these outcomes
  • Organisations who want to fund positive outcomes as part of their ESG strategies
  • Banks and insurers who need to meet their climate-related disclosure requirements, offer impact-linked finance products or understand the risks and mitigation efforts of properties and businesses on their books

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