MAHI SALE #1 Prove that enhancing biodiversity can unlock new revenue for whenua Māori

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Te Kautuku Rangitukia, Tairāwhiti, NZ
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Rangi & Esther
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MAHI $ in funding

The Ambition Unlocking new revenue on Indigenous land

The challenges

Land under collective ownership has limited access to traditional finance
Indigenous land must balance intergenerational responsibilities with economic growth
A large proportion of Māori land is landlocked, isolated and marginal

Solutions being piloted

MAHI sales provides investment opportunities without using the land as a security
New revenue for landblocks by selling claims that prove positive biodiversity, emissions and water outcomes
A new financial system that values the regeneration of land and historic efforts to protect the whenua
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The Pilot Site About Te Kautuku

Te Kautuku is a 930ha Māori land block on the far East Coast. Its natural ecosystems range from lowland forests to dunelands, with wetlands and river systems connecting directly to the Pacific Ocean.

Over the last 20 years, operations have shifted from pastoral farming toward more sustainable land use options, including Mānuka oil production and apiary sites. Its remnant forest is a living example of what is possible by protecting and enhancing indigenous biodiversity.

Templates developed and tested at this pilot site have the potential to unlock new revenue for over 1.4 million hectares of whenua Māori in Aotearoa and prove a new investment model is possible for indigenous land globally.

Logo Te Kautuku
Check out the work already underway

Proving a new model Pilot projects at Te Kautuku

Project: Natural Habitat Regeneration
Project: Erodible Slope Stabilisation
Project: Waterway Restoration
Project: Biodiversity Enhancement
Project: Native Nursery Establishment
Project: Ancestral Trail Restoration
Project: Wetland Restoration
Project: Estuary Restoration
Project: Ancestral Site
Project: Natural Habitat Regeneration
Natural Habitat Regeneration
Stock exclusion across 600ha of retired pasture to support reversion to natural habitat.
Project: Biodiversity Enhancement
Biodiversity Enhancement
Pest and predator control across 217ha of lowland forest to enhance indigenous biodiversity.
Project: Waterway Restoration
Waterway Restoration
Native planting along 8km of streambanks and riparian margins to restore waterway health.
Project: Erodible Slope Stabilisation
Erodible Slope Stabilisation
Native planting across 2ha of severely erodible slopes to help prevent soil erosion.
Project: Native Nursery Establishment
Native Nursery Establishment
Native nursery setup to provide an annual supply of 100,000 ecosourced plants.
Project: Ancestral Trail Restoration
Ancestral Trail Restoration
Restored access to ancestral trail supporting 50ha of regeneration and reconnection to whenua.
Project: Wetland Restoration
Wetland Restoration
Native planting, weed control and pest control across 5ha of historic swamp.
Future Project
Project: Estuary Restoration
Estuary Restoration
Native planting, weed control and pest control across 2.5ha of tidal river mouth.
Future Project
Project: Ancestral Site
Ancestral Site
Restoring access, pest controla and native planting to of 1ha historical site.
Future Project
These budgets cover the labour and materials costs of the pilot projects and the development of reusable pledge and claim templates so other land blocks can take action, collect data and unlock new revenue from their nature-positive outcomes. See the funding breakdown

Join the MAHI revolution Why support this pilot?

Prove a new model is possible

Help show environmental regeneration is investible and that action can be accelerated by providing new incentives. Demonstrate we can capture trusted, verifiable data about what is happening on the land at scale.

Help fund the R&D that could unlock revenue for your land block

Support the development and testing of pledge and claim templates that bring new revenue to farms and whenua Māori across NZ.

Secure TOHA network tokens

In the future you’ll be able to swap your MAHI for TOHA. Use these to buy claims and outcome data like carbon or biodiversity credits or trade them on secondary market. The earlier you buy MAHI, the more TOHA you'll recieve.

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Member on the list
Member on the list
1,889 already on the list

Support the pilot Invest, fund or donate MAHI

MAHI is a tradeable unit that funds work for nature. Each one costs $26, an hour of work at the NZ living wage. Learn more

Sales target


$ in funding required

Join the presale list

Unlocking new revenue Claim templates & sales being piloted

  • Native Biodiversity Enhancement
  • Native Carbon Sequestration
  • Zero Deforestation
  • Conversion to Natural Habitat
  • Wetland Carbon Sequestration
  • Net Zero Emissions
  • Freshwater Species Protection
  • Waterway Sediment Control
  • Increased Native Forest Cover
  • Access to Mahinga Kai
  • Soil Erosion Reduction
  • Ecosourced Native Seed Supply
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Fund action to
regenerate the whenua

Funding breakdown What will my MAHI purchase fund?

50% to frontline action for nature

Directly funds the people doing the work at Te Kautuku.

See the breakdown
Project costs 5 Year Budget*
Project #1: Natural Regeneration $178,000
Project #2 : Erodible Slope Stabilisation $144,000
Project #3: Waterway Restoration $301,000
Project #4: Biodiversity Enhancement $133,000
Project #5: Native Nursery Establishment $458,000
Project #6: Ancestral Trail Restoration $835,000
Total $2,049,000
* These costs exclude pledge & claim template development
40% to impact measurement technology

Funds experts and knowledge holders to create pledge and claim templates, measurement tools and data partnerships. These can be used by other land blocks to regenerate their whenua, collect data, measure their outcomes and unlock payments.

See the breakdown
Development costs 5 Year Budget
Expert developers $800,000
Data & design support from Toha Climate Lab $498,000
Development tools & support from Toha Technology $200,000
Monitoring tools & equipment $76,000
Total costs $1,574,000
10% to pilot management & testing

Funds the East Coast Exchange to coordinate the pilot and manage testing with users and claim buyers.

See the breakdown
Pilot management costs 5 Year Budget
Pilot design $31,000
Communications, marketing & progress reporting $56,000
MAHI sales $42,000
Relationship management $57,000
Market validation $45,000
Product management $56,000
User testing $70,000
Payment management $23,000
Building pipeline & onboarding next pilot sites $28,000
Total $408,000

See why investing early matters Calculate your future MAHI to TOHA swap

Need help Frequently Asked Questions

Why does investing early in MAHI make it more valuable?

Based on the date you invest in MAHI you receive a Time Value of Action multiplier (TVA). The earlier you fund action, the higher the TVA.

In the future, when TOHA network tokens launch, you will be able to swap your MAHI for TOHA at this TVA multiplier. You can use this TOHA to pay for claims e.g. proof of carbon sequestration or biodiversity improvement and access the verifiable data that back this up. Alternatively, you can trade your TOHA on the secondary market to others who want to buy proof of outcomes or data access. Holding TOHA will also give you voting rights in the Network.

Buying MAHI is the only way to secure access to TOHA without bidding on the secondary market.

To learn more, have play with the MAHI-to-TOHA calculator.

Can I access MAHI to fund action on my land block?

Currently MAHI is only available to pilot projects that are being used to test the system.

As more MAHI is purchased, the pilots will be expanded to include more farms and land blocks.

Register you interest here in taking action on your land block and joining the pilot.

When will these pledge and claim templates be available for other land blocks to start using?

Pending MAHI funding these will start being developed and tested at Te Kautuku in early 2024, expanded to a wider pilot group in mid-to-late 2024 and will start being made available to other farms and land blocks in 2025.

Register you interest here in taking action on your land block and joining the pilot.

How can I access the data about the biodiversity or emissions outcomes achieved from these projects?

You will be able to purchase claims from land blocks to see the data and impact achieved. These will be supported by science-backed templates developed by experts. See the current list of claim templates prioritised for development here.

You will need to buy these, in future, with TOHA network tokens. You can secure access to this today by purchasing MAHI. The earlier you invest, the higher your Time Value of Action multiplier is and the more TOHA you receive.

Who will buy access to claims and outcome data from land blocks like these?

Trusted data about what is happening in our environment is increasingly in demand.

Buyers of claims could include:

  • Businesses who need to report on their Scope 3 emissions, biodiversity or water quality impacts within their supply chains
  • Local and central government to measure national progress towards environmental targets like NDC1 or our biodiversity strategy and offer new incentives for achieving these outcomes
  • Organisations who want to fund positive outcomes as part of their ESG strategies
  • Banks and insurers who need to meet their climate-related disclosure requirements, offer impact-linked finance products or understand the risks and mitigation efforts of properties and businesses on their books

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